Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1996 NO. 18 > Nov 26 1996

Where the Legislature has authorized expansion of the Washington State Convention and Trade Center but has conditioned funding upon the receipt of contributions from a public or private co-developer, and has imposed further conditions which render it economically impracticable to call for public bids on those portions of the expansion project which will be "jointly" used by the co-developers, and the Convention and Trade Center will call for public bids on those portions of the project that are intended for its use as a state instrumentality, the public works laws are sufficiently flexible to allow the "joint" portions of the construction project to be designed and built by the co-developer without call for public bids.

AGO 1983 NO. 27 > Dec 2 1983

(1) The Washington State Convention and Trade Center corporation which was created pursuant to § 2, chapter 34, Laws of 1982 to construct and operate the State convention and Trade Center is a state agency for purposes of the state civil service law, chapter 41.06 RCW.(2) Identification, based upon the foregoing conclusion, of those offices or positions within the corporation which are, nevertheless, exempt from civil service coverage under RCW 41.06.070.