Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1978 NO. 1 >

(1) Under the provisions of chapter 270, Laws of 1977, 1st Ex. Sess., the risk management office of the State Department of General Administration is vested with the authority and responsibility for the purchase of (a) liability and property insurance covering the state's community colleges and (b) such surety bonds as are necessary for those institutions. (2) This same authority and responsibility also extends to the purchase of liability insurance obtained at state expense to cover the trustees, officers or employees of the community colleges under RCW 28B.10.844; however, it does not extend to the purchase of liability insurance as a part of the compensation plan for community college officers or employees under RCW 28B.10.660.

AGLO 1978 NO. 1 >

As amended by § 7, chapter 282, Laws of 1977, 1st Ex. Sess., RCW 28B.50.860 does not have the legal effect of restoring tenure to a formerly tenured community college faculty member who earlier lost his tenure upon being appointed to the position of community college president.

AGO 1983 NO. 1 >

The Washington Open Public Meetings Act (chapter 42.30 RCW) is applicable to meetings of services and activities fees committees at state institutions of higher education.

AGO 1995 NO. 2 >

A college may increase the vacation leave of its employees without thereby increasing their "salaries" for purposes of interpreting salary increase limits contained in the 1993-95 state operating budget.

AGO 1997 NO. 4 >

1.It would not violate article VIII, section 7, of the state constitution to include privately-owned and operated schools and colleges in the K-20 Educational Network, provided that the private schools and colleges provide consideration in the form of monetary payment and valuable services. 2.It would not violate article I, section 11, or article IX, section 4, of the state constitution to include religiously-affiliated schools and colleges in the K-20 Educational Network, provided that there is consideration in the form of monetary payment and services, and provided that the Network is not operated in such a way as to violate the constitution.  

AGO 2000 NO. 5 >

It is consistent with the state constitution for the state investment board to use its statutory authority to purchase stocks and other corporate equities as part of its investment of funds in the advanced college tuition credit account.

AGO 2003 NO. 5 >

Laws of 2002, ch. 356 imposes a duty on public four-year education institutions in Washington to engage in collective bargaining with bargaining representatives of faculty employees, notwithstanding the governor’s veto of portions of the legislation.

AGO 2008 NO. 6 >

A city, county, and university have the authority to enter into an interlocal agreement under which the city would contract to use the services of the university’s extension program with the county to provide educational programs and other services concerning the potential effects of climate change.

AGLO 1982 NO. 6 >

(1) The requirement of WAC 251-12-285 that employers pay the initial costs of transcribing the record for appeal under RCW 28B.16.130 is not enforceable in personnel actions arising under RCW 28B.16.120 in view of the Washington Supreme Court's decision in the analogous case of Zoutendyk v. Washington State Patrol, 95 Wn.2d 693, 628 P.2d 1308 (1981).

AGO 1981 NO. 7 >

In the event of a sale of community college real property by the State Board for Community College Education pursuant to RCW 28B.50.090(12), the proceeds of that sale are not required, under existing law, to be received, kept and disbursed by the state treasurer but, instead, they may be retained by the college as local funds and expended without a specific legislative appropriation.