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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1965 NO. 1 > Jan 6 1965

(1) A school district pursuant to chapter 75, Laws of 1963 (RCW 41.04.180-41.04.190), may contract with more than one insurance carrier or health service contractor and allow each employee to choose the plan he or she desires, as long as each plan meets all of the requirements of chapter 75, Laws of 1963. (2) A school district pursuant to chapter 75, Laws of 1963, may designate specific categories of its employees to be covered by a group policy or contract to the exclusion of other categories of employees. (3) A school district which has designated specific categories of employees to be covered by a group policy or contract to the exclusion of other categories of employees is not required to make provision for like benefits for such excluded categories of employees by entering into similar contracts for such employees if the categories established by the district are not arbitrary, capricious or invidiously discriminatory. (4) If existing employees' term contracts do not provide in any manner for such insurance, the school district may not provide such benefits during the term of such contracts since under RCW 41.04.190 such benefits constitute additional compensation and under Article II, § 25, Amendment 35, extra compensation may not be granted to any employee after the contract of employment has been entered into.

AGLO 1976 NO. 1 > Jan 5 1976

Without an express grant of statutory authority it would not be permissible for a public hospital district to contract with a private organization, including a religious order, for the operation of a hospital facility owned by such a district.

AGO 2013 NO. 2 > Aug 20 2013

Irrigation districts have the statutory
authority to enter into contracts with the United States Bureau of Reclamation,
but lack the statutory authority to indemnify the United States through such

AGO 1984 NO. 2 > Jan 30 1984

The provisions of RCW 28A.58.135 do not require school districts to go through a competitive bidding process prior to entering into a contract for pupil transportation services under RCW 28A.58.131.

AGO 1979 NO. 2 > Jan 11 1979

(1) In the event that a county enters into an interlocal cooperation act agreement with cities of the second, third and fourth class within the county for the operation of a solid waste disposal system, whereby the county is given full authority to manage and operate such system on behalf of the county and the cities, the county would stand in the position of agent for the participating cities and, hence, would be required to comply with the bidding requirements of RCW 35.23.352 and 35.23.353 in making and entering into contracts and purchases for such solid waste disposal system.  (2) The fact that a particular county is not subject to mandatory bidding requirements, generally, does not excuse it from compliance with RCW 36.58.050 which requires a county entering into contracts for the hauling of trailers of solid waste from transfer stations to disposal sites and return to do so either by (a) the normal bidding process or (b) negotiation with the qualified collection company servicing the area under the authority of chapter 81.77 RCW.

AGO 1976 NO. 2 > Jan 14 1976

RCW 52.36.020, as amended by § 1, chapter 88, Laws of 1974, 1st Ex. Sess., does not require a school district with facilities located within a city or town to compensate a fire protection district for service provided such facilities even though the city or town has entered into a contract with the fire protection district for the provision of fire protection services.

AGO 1971 NO. 2 > Jan 13 1971

(1) A public body to which RCW 60.28.010 applies, in calling for bids for a public works contract, may not require in its bid specifications or otherwise that all prospective bidders indicate in their bid proposals whether or not they will elect to have the retained percentage of moneys earned on the contract placed in escrow for investment as provided for in § 1, chapter 38, Laws of 1970, instead of leaving it with the public body.(2) A public body to which RCW 60.28.010 applies, in determining the lowest and best bidder for a public works contract, may not, in awarding the contract, take into account a statement of intent by a particular bidder as to whether or not, if awarded the contract, he will elect to leave his "retained percentage" with the public body pending completion of his performance under the contract.

AGO 2013 NO. 3 > Aug 21 2013


A public hospital district that provides, directly or by contract, maternity care benefits, services, or information to women, through any program administered or funded in whole or in part by the district, must also provide the substantially equivalent benefits, services, or information required by RCW 9.02.160 and .100.

AGO 1970 NO. 3 > Jan 21 1970

Under the provisions of RCW 35.23.352, a city or town of the second, third or fourth class is required to call for bids in the manner prescribed therein where the city or town seeks (a) to award a contract for liability and casualty insurance coverage, the anticipated annual premiums for which will exceed $2,000, and (b) to award a contract for the codification of municipal ordinances, the anticipated cost of which will exceed $2,000.

AGO 1973 NO. 3 > Jan 15 1973

A school district, as a condition of reemployment of its certificated teachers for a new school year, may require such teachers to sign and return their formal written employment contracts within a specified, reasonable period of time after the mailing of these contracts to the teachers.