Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1961 NO. 75 >

In view of the enactment of chapter 181, Laws of 1973, 1st Ex. Sess., establishing a $300 per month minimum with respect to the pensions payable to certain retired municipal firemen and law enforcement officers and their survivors, this figure now constitutes the minimum basis to be used in computing the annual two percent cost of living pension increases provided for in RCW 41.16.145, RCW 41.18.104, and RCW 41.26.250.

AGO 1962 NO. 87 >

The additional pension benefit provided under § 2, chapter 286, Laws of 1961, for supreme and superior court judges who serve more than eighteen years in the aggregate is not payable to a judge who had retired from service under RCW 2.12.010 prior to June 8, 1961.