Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1984 NO. 1 > Jan 12 1984

Lands which are owned by an incorporated city or town (including but not limited to those situated outside the corporate limits of that municipality) are not subject to weed district assessments imposed pursuant to RCW 17.04.240.

AGO 1966 NO. 114 > Oct 17 1966

(1) A city which is contiguous to a weed district is required by RCW 17.04.160 to provide for the destruction, prevention and extermination of species of weeds designated for control by the weed district pursuant to RCW 17.04.030 on private as well as public property located in such city. (2) A city is authorized to expend public funds to carry out the duty imposed by RCW 17.04.160.