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Penalties for repeat domestic abusers, restriction on child pornography among bills proposed by McKenna

OLYMPIA – Five laws proposed by Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna during the 2010 Legislative Session become effective today:

  • HB 2424, restricting child pornography: Combats the rape and molestation of children by pursuing abusers who video-record their crimes, and the underground market that trades in the resulting images.
  • HB 2777, enhancing domestic violence sentences: Just as the law gives extra penalties to serial car thieves and drug dealers, McKenna’s proposal clamps down on repeat domestic abusers. HB 2777 includes the sentencing provisions recommended by the AGO’s Domestic Violence Task Force, which were originally included AGO-requested bills.
  • SB 6202, improving protections for vulnerable adults: formally authorizes financial institutions to freeze a transaction for up to three business days if financial exploitation is suspected and requires the reporting of suspicious deaths involving vulnerable adults to coroners or medical examiners.
  • HB 2428, restricting “found money” schemes: A cap on “found money” fees to protect foreclosed homeowners from scammers who offer to recover remaining sales proceeds for a substantial fee. The bill caps any fee for obtaining money from a tax sale at 5 percent of the amount recovered.
  • HB 2429, Lemon Law: A fix to the state’s Lemon Law that extends “lemon” disclosures to used car dealers.



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