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Bob Ferguson

Jun 19 2018
Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced today that his office is launching a new online resource to connect human trafficking survivors with resources and support.
Apr 17 2017
OLYMPIA — The Washington State Legislature established an important protection for victims of human trafficking today.
Feb 8 2017
An agency request bill from Attorney General Bob Ferguson aimed at extending the window of opportunity to prosecute human traffickers for their crimes today passed the Senate with unanimous bipartisan support. The bill extends the statute of limitations on human trafficking to match that of non-lethal arson and updates the definition of commercial sex to include “anything of value,” rather than simply a fee.
Dec 2 2014
SEATTLE — Although Washington has adopted some of the most comprehensive anti-trafficking legislation in the country, more research, training and outreach are needed in order to combat child sex trafficking, according to a new report.
Oct 20 2014
SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today led a nationwide effort to urge Congress to pass legislation that would help prevent children from being trafficked on the Internet.
Sep 15 2014
SEATTLE – Attorney General Bob Ferguson has invited attorneys from around the state to meet with him about volunteering to provide legal services to unaccompanied immigrant children.
Dec 18 2013
Washington state leads effort to combat human trafficking Attorney General Bob Ferguson, along with 46 other state and territorial attorneys general, sent a letter asking Congress to fund the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA). This funding would go toward programs that fight human trafficking in the United States and abroad.
Nov 20 2013
Attorney General Bob Ferguson led a coalition of 34 states and one territory today in filing a  ‘friend of the court’ brief in the U.S. Supreme Court. The issue in the case, Paroline v. Amy Unknown and the United States, No. 12-8561, is the extent to which victims of child pornography can recover money (restitution) from those who market, possess or trade images depicting sexual assault and rape of children.
Jul 24 2013
Attorneys General send letter to Congress calling for an amendment to the Communications Decency Act Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson today joined a bi-partisan coalition of 49 Attorneys General calling on Congress to amend the law to help fight prostitution and sex trafficking. In a letter to key members of Congress, the Attorneys General advocated that Congress amend the Communications Decency Act to provide criminal jurisdiction to state and local prosecutors. The letter’s lead sponsors were Attorneys General from the states of Missouri, South Dakota and Washington.