Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

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Bob Ferguson

Apr 13 2018
OLYMPIA — Attorney General Bob Ferguson offered the following statement on the news of President Donald Trump's statement on marijuana legalization:
Mar 13 2018
OLYMPIA — A three-judge state court of appeals panel today ruled that local jurisdictions have the authority to ban marijuana sales, agreeing with Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s arguments and a 2014 Attorney General Opinion.
Aug 4 2017
OLYMPIA — In response to a letter from U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding Washington's marijuana regulations, Attorney General Bob Ferguson offered the following statement:
Aug 4 2017
Following their statements earlier today, Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Governor Jay Inslee offer two examples of misleading information in U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ letter dated July 24:
Aug 15 2016
Attorney General Bob Ferguson urged the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit to reject two cases challenging Colorado’s recreational marijuana laws.
Mar 21 2016
SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today offered the following statement regarding the U.S. Supreme Court denying an attempt to invoke its original jurisdiction in Nebraska and Oklahoma v. Colorado.
Jan 21 2016
OLYMPIA — Tomorrow, a state appeals court in Tacoma will hear a challenge to the state's voter-approved recreational marijuana law.
Jun 3 2015
OLYMPIA — Today the Washington State Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to the state’s voter-approved recreational marijuana law.
May 6 2015
OLYMPIA — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today sent a letter to the Liquor Control Board sharing his recommendations about the board’s proposed permanent rules on recreational marijuana.  Ferguson highlighted his concern that rules be crafted to address all marijuana products that have the potential to appeal to children.
Mar 27 2015
SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a “friend of the court” brief today in the U.S. Supreme Court urging the court to reject a challenge to Colorado’s marijuana laws. If the court takes up the case, it could threaten not just Colorado’s law, but also the regulatory structure for marijuana established by Initiative 502 in Washington state.