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OLYMPIA – Today, 11th Circuit Chief Judge Joel Fredrick Dubina agreed to proceed with an expedited schedule for hearing the health care reform challenge that is before that court.  A three-judge panel will hear oral arguments on Wednesday, June 8, at 9:30 a.m. in Atlanta.

"I'm pleased that the 11th Circuit is ready to review the constitutional questions raised by 26 states regarding the federal health care law," said Attorney General Rob McKenna.  "Judge Roger Vinson has ruled that the individual health insurance mandate, requiring all Americans to purchase government-approved health insurance or pay an IRS fine, is unconstitutional.

"The sooner this case is heard by the Circuit Court, the sooner it will move to an ultimate decision by the Supreme Court, and the American people will learn how much control they will have over their personal health care choices."

 The court, however, did not agree to the states' request to hear the case in front of all the judges in the 11th Circuit (a so-called "en banc" hearing). The ruling noted that a majority of the Circuit Judges in regular service did not vote in favor of this request. 



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