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OLYMPIA– The Washington State Senate today approved a package of legislation developed by Attorney General Rob McKenna and his “Operation: Allied Against Meth” Task Force that would give local communities critical new tools to help address the meth crisis in Washington.

Senate Bill 6239 assists local communities to fight meth and facilitate the clean-up of contaminated meth sites. It also enhances criminal penalties for meth-related crimes, and provides improved drug treatment for addicts committed to rehabilitation.

“I appreciate the leadership demonstrated by Senator Jim Hargrove and the other members of the State Senate on this critical issue,” McKenna said. “This has been a collaborative effort and I thank them for their hard work and assistance on our proposal.

“Ending our meth crisis is going to take a statewide, coordinated effort,” he continued, “and this law will ensure local communities receive the assistance they need to treat addicts, protect children and vulnerable adults, clean up meth sites, and punish offenders.”

The bill was developed by McKenna’s meth task force, which consisted of roughly 30 elected officials and representatives from law enforcement, prosecutors, social workers, health officials and others who combined their expertise and made recommendations on how best to fight meth and clean-up meth labs in Washington state.

Key provisions of the bill include:

  • Re-enacting Washington's Drug-Free Work Place standards, which compensates employers for keeping employees off drugs.
  • Granting local health officials authority to inspect contaminated property and prohibits its use.
  • Increase offender treatment incentive by requiring sentences for meth-related offenses to be served consecutively and limiting sentence reductions for “good time”.
  • A treatment pilot project specifically for meth users, and approximately 100 new treatment beds.
  • Provided direct support to local law enforcement, and prioritizes aid to rural counties.


Contact: Greg Lane, AG Communications Director, (360) 480-1463