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OLYMPIA-- Attorney General Christine Gregoire, along with California AG Bill Lockyer and Oregon AG Hardy Myers, today sent congressional investigators newly uncovered Enron documents outlining corporate schemes to manipulate energy markets in the West.

"These new documents, with notes from energy traders, are just the latest indication of something we've suspected all along, that Enron was manipulating prices to the detriment of Northwest consumers," Gregoire said.

The Enron documents, which state investigators uncovered recently in Enron's Portland office, include handwritten notes from company meetings in early October 2000 describing power trading strategies used to drive up prices in California's energy market. The strategies were described by Tim Belden, head of Enron's West Coast trading operations.

The Enron meetings were held to prepare for investigations and subpoenas of the company. The strategies later described in the December 6 and 8, 2000 memos were called such things as "Death Star," "Get Shorty," "Fat Boy" and "Ricochet."

Gregoire said her office and the attorneys general in California and Oregon would continue to aggressively investigate whether Enron and other companies engaged in illegal business practices in the Western power market, but that they agreed it also was important to make the newly discovered documents available for congressional hearings into Enron's business conduct and pricing practices.

Hand Written Enron Notes
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