Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

May 6 2021
Attorney General Bob Ferguson today filed a lawsuit against travel insurance company Allianz over its discriminatory practice of categorically denying insurance claims for Washingtonians who had to cancel or reschedule their travel plans because of mental health events.
May 5 2021
OLYMPIA — In recognition of the National Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women Day of Remembrance, Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced today that his office will lead a 21-member task force to assess systemic causes behind the high rate of disappearances and murders of Indigenous women.
Apr 27 2021
OLYMPIA — Attorney General Bob Ferguson urges consumers to be on the lookout for websites posing as the state’s health insurance marketplace.
Apr 20 2021
OLYMPIA — Attorney General Bob Ferguson offered the following statement on criminal penalties for simple drug possession:
Apr 19 2021
The Washington Legislature today passed the Consumer Protection Improvement Act, an attorney general-request bill that increases the maximum civil penalties for Consumer Protection Act violations from $2,000 to $7,500. This bill will update these penalties for the first time since they were adopted in 1970. Strong consumer protection penalties provide accountability, deter future violations and ensure a level playing field for business.
Apr 16 2021
OLYMPIA — A Thurston County Superior Court judge today ordered Tim Eyman to pay nearly $2.9 million in costs and fees related to Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s campaign finance lawsuit.
Apr 14 2021
OLYMPIA — With an overwhelming bipartisan 46-2 vote, the state Legislature today took a final vote on a bill Attorney General Bob Ferguson requested to create a database of police use-of-force incidents so the public, policymakers, researchers and law enforcement can access the data. Currently in Washington state, there is no central repository for use-of-force data.
Apr 6 2021
SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today filed a consumer protection lawsuit against janitorial services company National Maintenance Contractors. National took advantage of immigrants with limited English proficiency and promised them the independence of business ownership. Unfortunately, in reality, National locked its franchisees into contracts that often left them earning less than minimum wage, paying exorbitant fees, and with little ability to advocate for themselves.
Apr 6 2021
СИЭТЛ — Генеральный прокурор Боб Фергюсон (Bob Ferguson) сегодня подал иск о защите прав потребителей против клининговой компании Нэшнл Мэйтенанс Контракторз (National Maintenance Contractors). Компания Нэшнл пользовалась услугами иммигрантов с ограниченным знанием английского языка и обещала им собственный независимый бизнес. К сожалению, в действительности компания Нэшнл предлагала своим франчайзи контракты, по которым они часто получали меньше минимальной заработной платы, платили завышенные взносы и практически не имели возможности защитить свои права.
Apr 6 2021
SEATTLE. El Procurador General Bob Ferguson ha presentado hoy una demanda de protección al consumidor contra la empresa de servicios de limpieza National Maintenance Contractors. National se aprovechó de los inmigrantes con un dominio limitado del inglés y les prometió la independencia de ser dueño de su propio negocio. Lamentablemente, en realidad, National sometía a sus franquiciados a contratos que, a menudo, los permitían ganar menos del salario mínimo, pagando tarifas exorbitantes y con poca capacidad para defenderse.