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Bob Ferguson

Oct 5 2001
Olympia –  Settlement of federal criminal conspiracy charges against a national pharmaceutical company over its drug-marketing practices will lead to the return of about $790,000 to the state’s Medicaid fund, Attorney General Christine Gregoire said today.
Oct 5 2001
Seattle – Oct. 5, 2001 - An Olympia man who used the Internet to promote an alternative cancer treatment with a purported 95 percent success rate has been sued by Attorney General Christine Gregoire for allegedly engaging in deceptive practices.
Sep 27 2001
Olympia – September 27, 2001 - Traffic-accident reports prepared by law enforcement officers in compliance with state law are subject to public disclosure and copying under the state Public Disclosure Act, an Attorney General Opinion released today concludes.
Sep 27 2001
Olympia – September 27, 2001 The Risk Management Task Force established by Attorney General Christine Gregoire and Governor Gary Locke has announced its recommendations for protecting the public and reducing the number of multi-million dollar lawsuits against the state.
Sep 20 2001
Olympia - September 20, 2001 - Today the state Supreme Court unanimously held that Initiative 722 is unconstitutional because it asked voters to consider two unrelated subjects in the same bill, a violation of Article II, Section 19 of the state Constitution.
Sep 19 2001
Seattle - Sept. 19, 2001 - Attorney General Christine Gregoire today continued her campaign against Internet fraud by suing a web-based company that markets a work-at-home program considered to be an illegal pyramid scheme.
Sep 14 2001
Olympia - September 14, 2001 - Washington's Attorney General and leaders of state police and prosecutor's associations today urged citizens to refrain from acts of racial or religious harassment in the wake of this week's terrorist attacks.
Sep 13 2001
OLYMPIA -Sept. 12, 2001- The Washington state Attorney General's Office is warning consumers to be on the watch for people who may try to take advantage of them in this time of national tragedy.
Sep 12 2001
Olympia - September 12, 2001 - Jack G. Johnson, chief civil attorney in the Seattle City Attorney's Office, will become the new chief of the state Attorney General's University of Washington Division, Attorney General Christine Gregoire announced today.
Sep 10 2001
SEATTLE - Sept. 10, 2001 - Attorney General Christine Gregoire today continued her battle against fraud in cyberspace by accusing an Internet-based computer seller of using online auctions to dupe unsuspecting consumers.