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Today’s news about Activia might give Jamie Lee Curtis a stomach ache.

ActiviaYou won’t find Bifudus Regularis and L. casei Immunitas  in any scientific journal. The bacteria names that supposedly make Dannon’s Activia and DanActive dairy drink special were created by marketers.

Dannon will pay $21 million to settle allegations of illegal advertising brought by 39 attorneys general who poo-pooed the company’s claims about the degree to which its Activia yogurt can improve regularity and DanActive can boost immunity. The agreement restricts how the company can market its products and represents the largest settlement payment to date with a food manufacturer.

“Dannon made up fancy names for bacteria in its Activia yogurt and dairy drink, marketed them as having unique health benefits, then milked the public’s willingness to believe those claims,” Assistant Attorney General Bob Lipson said.

The Federal Trade Commission simultaneously announced a settlement with Dannon that addresses the same concerns but does not require a payment.

There are no refunds for individuals consumers, since they were covered under a $35 million private, class-action suit.

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