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KING 5 interviewed me for a story about liquidation sales. A woman who bought a CD cabinet at an electronics store’s going-out-of-business blowout was unhappy when she opened the box at home and discovered the screws and hidges were missing.

“All sales are final,” is the mantra at liquidation sales. So it’s important to take the time to inspect the merchandise before you pay. If a business won’t let you open the box or plug in the item to make sure it actually works, consider walking away. Liquidation companies sometimes bring in furniture or other merchandise that was never sold by the original retailer, so there's another reason to check out the item.

When you do buy, use a credit card instead of cash or a check. Verify warranty coverage. Lastly, know that prices aren't always the lowest. So shop around.

For more information, read Washington's law on going-out-of-business sales.




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