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moneyA colonel in the U.S. Army just took time out of his busy schedule in Afghanistan to email me. He wants to know if I can be trusted with valuables. Why, yes -- in fact, I can be trusted with valuables! Here's his message, which came from the email address temp@isavalue.com:

 Dear Friend,

I am an officer of the U.S Army.
I was drafted to Afghanistan from Iraq. One of the last batch that left Iraq.
We thank you guys for your prayers.Can you be trusted with valuables? I will only explain further if I get a reply from you. Send your response to my private email  ( scsmith50@aol.com )


Col. Scott Smith
(United States Army.Kabul)

Please count the number of things wrong with "Col. Smith's" email. Feel free to post your comments on Facebook or directly on the All Consuming blog.

-Dan Sytman-



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