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Seattle P-I blogger Daniel Lathrop commented on our new blog, noting that the first post “reads a little bit stiff. Almost like lawyers wrote it.” So we sent our cerebrums to yoga class and composed an edgier warning about guarding your privacy. Today, we offer song lyrics to accompany our (admittedly drier) news about changes to the state’s Lemon Law.

Surrey with a Twist – of Lemon
Sung to the tune of “The Surrey with the Fringe on the Top”
Lyrics by AGO Media Relations Manager Kristin Alexander with apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Click and thump and hiss, how I worry
Please start, car, I am in a hurry
Please start, car, I am in a hurry with no time to stop!

Turn the key and hear how it sputters
Drive a mile and feel how it shudders
Plastic taped to the ceiling flutters -- Can’t close the sun top!

The transmission grinds, the engine’s dead
The dashboard lights are all blinkin’
The diagnostic failed, the mechanic said.
So why all the clunkin’ and clinkin’?
Both rear brakes creakin’ and squeakin’
Underneath, something green is a’ leakin’
I am shriekin’ and a’ freakin’ -- think I might blow my top
‘Cause this broken down lemon is always in the shop.
(Skip to final stanza …)
Fear not, there’s a fix for your fury
Don’t fret, Lemon Law has the cure-y
Troubles fade with a dose of Lemon-aid, sugar on top
So call toll-free and be happy – citrus is a cash crop!


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