Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

Oct 8 2015
SEATTLE — Washington consumers should file complaints with the Washington State Attorney General’s Office if they believe they were harmed by the online marketing company, Internet Order LLC, which operates the website www.pimsleurapproach.com.
Oct 6 2015
SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today announced that he has joined a “friend-of-the-court” brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down two provisions of a 2013 Texas law severely limiting access to safe abortion services.
Oct 5 2015
TACOMA — Attorney General Bob Ferguson Friday prevailed in a lawsuit before Pierce County Superior Court Judge Ronald Culpepper alleging Dennis and Jennifer Lalander, and their business Adult Family Home Service Center (AFHSC), violated the Consumer Protection Act. Culpepper ordered the Lalanders to pay over $27,000 in restitution for selling bogus training to 700 caregivers in adult family homes. The court also ruled that the Lalanders cannot sell training packets going forward without prior approval from the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS).
Sep 29 2015
OLYMPIA — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today announced an agreement with the owner of the Haggen grocery store chain that ensures laid-off workers will receive their pay on time. 
Sep 24 2015
SEATTLE — Today, Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a Motion for Reconsideration asking the Washington Supreme Court to reexamine its recent ruling declaring charter schools unconstitutional.
Sep 24 2015
The Attorney General’s Office today announced that it has filed a complaint in Thurston County Superior Court alleging campaign finance violations by Service Employees International Healthcare 775NW (SEIU 775) and SEIU 775 Quality Care Committee (SEIU 775 PAC).  Specifically, the AG alleges that SEIU 775 and SEIU 775 PAC failed to timely and properly file reports of in-kind and monetary contributions as required under the state’s campaign finance laws.
Sep 22 2015
SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today announced a $304,994.51 default judgment against the former operators of a Seattle venue who booked events, including many weddings, knowing the space would be unavailable.
Sep 17 2015
SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson yesterday announced the official launch of the newly established Wing Luke Civil Rights Unit within the Washington State Attorney General’s Office. The announcement was made at an event at the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle’s International District.
Sep 14 2015
SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced a Friday court order against EC New Horizons and EC Horizons requires repeat offenders Edwin Cruz and Maurice Terry to pay $234,000. Cruz and Terry provided unlawful immigration assistance to over 400 Washington victims. The resolution includes $149,000 in money back for victims.
Sep 11 2015
SEATTLE — Attorney General Bob Ferguson today announced that the State will file a Motion for Reconsideration with the Washington Supreme Court in the case of League of Women Voters of Wash. v. State. The decision not only invalidates Initiative 1240, but also unnecessarily calls into question the constitutionality of a wide range of other state educational programs. These important programs range from Running Start to Washington State Skills Centers that provide career and technical education to high school students.