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Bob Ferguson


Seattle - September 16,1999 - Attorney General Christine Gregoire has appointed Tina Kondo as the new chief of the Antitrust Division. The division is responsible for enforcing state and federal antitrust laws and investigating complaints about potential anti-competitive activity.

"The antitrust division is responsible for making sure the public’s interest is represented in today’s rapidly evolving business environment," said Gregoire. "Now, more than ever, consumers need the benefit of a market which is competitive and free of collusion."

A member of the AG team since 1981, Kondo has worked as an Assistant Attorney for Labor and Industries, Consumer Protection, and Antitrust. During her 14 years with the Antitrust Division her work has included serving as lead counsel on several state and federal price-fixing cases, four oil and gas industry mergers, the Bank of America-Security Pacific merger and several health care matters.

Kondo replaces Jon Ferguson who left the office to go into private practice.