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Bob Ferguson


OLYMPIA–The Attorney General’s Office today announced a $140,000 settlement in a case involving the 2001 election of pro-third-runway candidates for the Des Moines City Council. 

The settlement included an admission of violations, $125,000 in penalties and $15,000 in costs and fees awarded against the TME Capital Group and the Environmental Materials Transport companies for their failures to register and report as political committees.  Additionally, the companies will be filing all reports that were required to document their contributions and expenditures.  According to the terms of the settlement, the individual defendants named in the suit were dismissed. 

Following recommendations from the State Public Disclosure Commission, this lawsuit was filed in early 2006.  Trial was set to commence on December 3, 2007.

“The terms of this settlement are significant and uphold the principle of transparency in elections, including at the local level,” stated Attorney General Rob McKenna.  “The settlement achieves the goal of holding those involved in campaign financing accountable to the public.”


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