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Bob Ferguson


OLYMPIA — Today, Governor Jay Inslee signed into law Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s bill strengthening the state’s data breach notification law.

“I’m thrilled to see these common-sense updates added to our law,” Ferguson said. “Nearly every day, we hear of another troubling compromise of sensitive personal information. Protecting consumers is one of my top priorities, and the sooner they know their data has been compromised, the more they can do to minimize the damage.”

The legislation strengthens Washington’s data breach notification law by:

  • Eliminating the blanket exemption for encrypted data;
  • Requiring consumer notification as soon as possible and no later than 45 days whenever personal information is likely compromised;
  • Requiring that the Attorney General be notified within 45 days when a data breach occurs at a business, non-profit or public agency; and
  • Requiring businesses, non-profits and agencies, when reporting a breach, to provide consumers with basic information they can use to help secure or recover their identities.


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Peter Lavallee, Communications Director, (360) 586-0725; PeterL@atg.wa.gov