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OLYMPIA - Attorney General Rob McKenna today made the following statement on the Washington State Supreme Court's decision in Andersen et al. v. King County et al.

"While this is a highly emotional day for people on both sides of this case, the Supreme Court's decision reflects its respect for the policy-making role of the Legislature," McKenna said. "It is the responsibility of the Office of Attorney General to defend, when challenged, every law of the state of Washington. Our office appreciates that the court upheld this law.

"In passing this law, the Legislature overturned a gubernatorial veto with a two-thirds, bipartisan vote," McKenna said. "It is their role to determine state policy. Moving forward, people who are unhappy with this decision have the ability to change the law through the Legislature or through initiative" but public policy should not be legislated from the bench."

McKenna also praised Deputy Solicitor General Bill Collins, a veteran AG who has argued more than 25 cases before the state Supreme Court and three before the U.S. Supreme Court.

"Deputy Solicitor General Bill Collins is a veteran AG and his exceptional efforts throughout this case, representing Washington's citizens and defending this law, are to be commended," McKenna said.

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