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OLYMPIA — The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta will hear oral arguments tomorrow in the multistate health care lawsuit suit filed last year. The suit now includes 26 plaintiff states, two individuals and the National Federation of Independent Business.

The federal government is asking a three-judge panel from the 11th Circuit to overturn the decision by Florida Judge Roger Vinson earlier this year declaring the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional because of a provision requiring all Americans to have or purchase a government-approved health insurance policy in the private market.

“Health care reform is essential—and much too important to build on an unconstitutional foundation,” McKenna said. “This law's unprecedented mandate forcing all Americans to purchase government-approved insurance has created an incredible amount of uncertainty for families, businesses and state governments.

"We all agree we must improve our health care system, but we must protect our constitutional rights in the process.”

Oral arguments in Atlanta are scheduled to start at 9 a.m. EDT (6 a.m. PDT).


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