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Bob Ferguson


SEATTLE- A Seattle roofing-products manufacturer has agreed to pay restitution to hundreds of Washington consumers who purchased defective HO-25 or Horizon Shingles from the company between January 1990 and the present, Attorney General Christine Gregoire announced today.

The company, also known as Pacific Coast Building Products, Inc., advertised that the shingles offered "Protection and beauty beyond the ordinary...a thicker shingle with greater curb appeal." But according to a complaint filed today by the Attorney General's Office in Pierce County Superior Court, customers complained the roofing products cracked, curled and blistered, and that Pabco failed to fix the problems.

The Attorney General's suit claimed Pabco violated fair business practices in its advertising and product performance.

To settle the suit, Pabco did not admit wrongdoing, but agreed to resolve hundreds of Washington consumer complaints.

Pabco will offer restitution to homeowners who can demonstrate visual defects HO-25 or Horizon roofing shingles originally purchased by the homeowner. Restitution will be paid if the shingles suffer diminished appearance, including excessive curling, cracking, and granule loss in the shingle's overlay inconsistent with the ordinary and normal aging of the shingle.

The claims include appearance complaints already submitted to Pabco through its warranty program between January 1, 1990 to present. Pabco will also continue to honor the original warranty on its shingles.

As restitution, Pabco will provide payment equal to the pro-rated value of the deficient squares of shingles. To determine this amount, the company will either review photographs sent by the customer or send an inspector to the customer's home for an on-site review. Pabco may also offer replacement roofing material or other products in lieu of payment.

Customers who have already filed claims with Pabco and have not received cash or replacement shingles, will be contacted by the company. Customers who have not filed a claim must request a claim form by contacting Pabco at 1-800-426-9762 or 253-272-0374 or e-mailing the company through its website at www.pabcoroofing.com., or by sending a letter to Pabco Roofing Products, 1718 Thorne Road, Tacoma, Washington 98421-3207.