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OLYMPIA– The Washington State Senate today approved a bipartisan package of sex offender bills developed by Attorney General Rob McKenna and his office’s Sexually Violent Predator Unit.

“These bills will give law enforcement important tools to help protect our children and our communities,” McKenna said. “I appreciate the support and cooperation of the members of the Senate and am looking forward to working with House members to ensure these important bills become law.”

SB 6460, requested by McKenna, creates mandatory prison terms for crimes committed with sexual motivation, including a minimum one year for class C felonies, double enhancements for second-time offenders and a clarification that enhancements can be added to misdemeanors as well.

SB 6406, requested by McKenna, makes second degree assault of child with sexual motivation a “strike” under the state’s “Two Strikes, You’re Out” law for sex offenses.

SB 6407, requested by McKenna to increase the penalty for possession of child pornography from an unranked felony to a Level VI with a minimum one year of prison time, was incorporated into SB 6172.

SB 6405, requested by McKenna to strengthen the sex offender registration statute by requiring more frequent registration for the most dangerous offenders, was incorporated into SB 6519, which requires level III sex offenders to register every 90 days.

SB 6410, requested by McKenna to make permanent statewide residency restrictions approved by the Legislature in 2005, which prohibit sex offenders from living within 880 feet of a public or private school, was incorporated into SB 6325.

SB 6409: SSOSA/SSODA sentencing alternatives for otherwise qualifying sex offenders are only available if the offender affirmatively admits he or she committed the crime charged. SSOSA/SSODA unavailable if the offender enters an Alford plea (Alford plea has the same effect as a guilty plea, but all the offender admits to in an Alford plea is that the State has sufficient evidence to convict the offender; the offender does not admit guilt).

SB 6775: Allows personnel at places where children congregate (e.g. community centers and schools) to bar level 2 and 3 child sex offenders from coming onto the property. Any violation will result in prosecution for the new felony crime of Criminal Trespass Against Children.


Contact: Greg Lane, AG Communications Director, (360) 480-1463