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OLYMPIA…The state Attorney General’s Office, in consultation with the Secretary of State’s office, today announced it will appeal a preliminary injunction granted yesterday in federal court. The injunction blocks the release of the names and addresses of those who signed Referendum 71.

In filing the appeal with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the state will request a stay of the injunction and expedited review of the case.

“We believe the names of those who sign referenda and initiatives are public record and the state has a history of releasing this information,” said Attorney General Rob McKenna. “We intend to vigorously defend our public records law in this matter as well.”

Referendum 71 gives voters the opportunity to approve or reject a bill approved by the state Legislature granting state-registered same-sex and senior domestic partners the same rights, responsibilities and obligations afforded to married spouses without recognizing a domestic partnership as a marriage.

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