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Bob Ferguson


“My job as Attorney General is to uphold the will of the voters.  That is why, throughout this process, I have defended the charter school initiative approved by the voters of Washington state.

“The Supreme Court’s opinion of September 4, 2015 in League of Women Voters of Wash. v. State was overbroad.

“Regardless of one’s opinion about charter schools, the original opinion endangered important programs such as Running Start, tribal compact schools, and vocational education. 

“Therefore, I asked the Supreme Court to reconsider its decision, and today the court agreed with me on a crucial point. 

“The court acknowledged that its opinion was broader than necessary.  Specifically, by removing footnote 10, the court eliminated a significant threat to programs like Running Start, tribal compact schools, and vocational education.

“While the court declined to revisit its holding regarding charter school funding, it is now up to the Legislature to decide whether to adopt a different mechanism to fund charter schools.”

A bipartisan group of legislators, as well as every former Washington State Attorney General, filed amicus (or “friend-of-the-court”) briefs in support of the State’s Motion for Reconsideration. The three tribes operating tribal compact schools also filed an amicus brief asking the Court to reconsider its opinion.

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