Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson


Olympia - October 26, 2000 - We are satisfied that the Supreme Court’s ruling today in the I-695 case was based on a complete airing of the constitutional issues. We believe the decision was based on thorough and well-presented arguments for and against I-695.


A highly experienced legal team from the Attorney General’s Office provided a vigorous defense of Initiative 695 in the Supreme Court. The $30 License Tab Initiative Campaign presented additional argument in support of the Initiative.

Today’s decision is a reminder that the people, when exercising their legislative power, are subject to the same constitutional limits as the Legislature. The drafting of laws is a difficult process, and both the Legislature and the people therefore have to take care to get it right.

Today’s opinion will not reinstate the motor-vehicle excise tax that I-695 repealed. Earlier this year, the Legislature repealed the MVET to ensure that, even if I-695 were declared unconstitutional, the $30 license tab fee would remain in effect.