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Bob Ferguson

SEATTLE - November 30,1999 - Washington State Attorney General Christine Gregoire today filed a consent decree requiring Exxon to sell the interest Mobil owns in the Trans Alaskan Pipeline system once a merger between the two companies is approved.
Pyramid schemes, which are an old consumer fraud device, are reappearing throughout Washington state. Based on consumer complaints, pyramid scheme operators are preying on the elderly, immigrants, church members, employees of major corporations, and even police and fire department personnel.
SEATTLE -- Attorney General Christine Gregoire today filed a lawsuit against Tri-Star Marketing of Everett for illegally sending junk faxes across the country.
OLYMPIA - With the holidays just around the corner, two Washington state officials are suggesting that you check into exactly where your charitable contributions are going before you make a donation.
Olympia - November 18, 1999- A former Pend Oreille County District Court judge was charged late Wednesday with fourth degree assault stemming from an alleged incident in which a woman was sexually assaulted by him at his lake cabin.
OLYMPIA -- As the national tobacco settlement reached another significant milestone today, Washington Attorney General Christine Gregoire said tobacco payments should arrive in state coffers within two weeks and that there are encouraging signs of a dramatic decline in total consumption of cigarettes.
OLYMPIA -- Attorney General Christine Gregoire today announced the appointment of Assistant Attorney General Mary E. Fairhurst as the next chief of the office's Revenue Division.
Seattle -November 4, 1999- Attorney General Christine Gregoire today filed suit against Microworkz.com, a Lynnwood-based seller of computer equipment, for violating state consumer protection laws including failing to deliver computer equipment as ordered.
Olympia -October 19, 1999- As part of a nationwide effort to reduce the effects of violent entertainment on children, Attorney General Christine Gregoire today announced two new anti-violence resources for parents.
Olympia - The U.S. Supreme Court today announced that it will not review a Washington Supreme Court decision upholding Washington's Business and Occupation (B&0) tax on manufacturing and sales activities inside and outside of Washington.