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Rental Resources

Leaving the nest is a thrilling thought.  Although you may be looking forward to the freedom that living on your own affords, you must also pay a high price for your freedom in the form of rent and responsibilities. 

Knowing the rules of the game can make a big difference for your wallet and your quality of life.  Understanding your rights and responsibilities when signing a lease or rental agreement can limit your headaches after you move in.  You may also need information on roommate or landlord conflict resolution, annual rent increases, or other items that may pop up.  

If you are ready to move out, make sure you check out the resources listed below in order to properly prepare for your new adventure:

 Information for Tenants

 Attorney Services

 Low Income Housing:

 Complaints About Discrimination

  • Washington State Human Rights Commission
      1511 Third Ave.
      Suite 921
      Seattle, WA 98101
      (206) 464-6500
      Toll-free: 1-800-233-3247
  • Also, contact your local Human Rights Commission or Housing Department

 Complaints and Inquiries about Housing Codes

  • Call your local city or county zoning or building departments

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