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MSNBC.com has a helpful article today about 10 things that most travel insurance programs don’t cover. Chances are you haven’t thought of some of these scenarios, including pregnancy, death of a pet, local war protests or a spouse filing for divorce. Probably the most important exclusion: when your tour operator cancels on you. The article doesn’t mention it, but it's smart to compare policies including those provided by independent providers.

Not long ago, I took a Caribbean cruise. The cruise line offered to sell me trip insurance. However, the policy's fine print noted that I wouldn’t be covered if the cruise line filed for bankruptcy. I purchased coverage through an unaffiliated company that would refund me if the cruise was cancelled and offered other perks: medical help, money to buy new clothes in case my baggage didn't make it, and a promise to fly me to the nearest port should the ship leave without me due to a flight delay. Moreover, the policy cost less than the one offered through the cruise company.

Several Web sites compare trip insurance policies among various companies. You enter your trip dates, age and the cost of the trip and the sites pull up a list of companies offering possible policies. Try Insure My Trip or Trip Insurance Store.

- Kristin Alexander, AGO Media Relations Manager


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