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If you receive a telephone voice mail from someone claiming to with the state Department of Revenue, listen carefully. The Washington State Department of Revenue issued a statewide alert today that local businesses have received automated messages directing them to call a toll-free number that's similar to the number DOR agents use when calling about overdue accounts.

The bogus caller also instructs you to have your tax identification number handy. Folks who called heard another recording that says the number has changed and directs the caller to dial a number beginning with the digits 101. Don’t do it! That's an international call and you'll be charged.

DOR will never ask taxpayers to call an international number, nor will it impose fees for calling. If you receive a call like this one, hang up and contact the department at 1-800-647-7706. DOR agents do contact businesses by phone and leave messages asking taxpayers to contact them at 1-800-631-4028.

The Federal Trade Commission warns that international telephone call scams are common and cautions consumers to be suspicious of area codes they don't recognize.




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