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Spammers aren’t just hitting your computer. Today, your wireless phone is also under siege. According to one research firm, U.S. consumers together receive about 800 million unwanted text messages a year. Like computer spam, junk text messages are annoying. They’re also costly because phone providers often charge subscribers up to 15 cents a pop for incoming messages.

If you have a smartphone or a personal digital assistant (PDA) that functions like a personal computer, you may be at risk for receiving viruses and spyware. Mobile malware is still relatively unknown and most attacks have targeted users outside the United States, but industry leaders say the threat is growing.

Fortunately, many mobile phone providers allow customers to block unwanted text messages, such as those sent by spammers. But consumers need to set up those filters before they’re protected. Read these tips to reduce the amount of text spam and unwanted cell calls you receive.


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