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All Consuming has been telling you for months about the need to prepare for the switchover from analog to digital TV. Well, today was supposed to be the big change-a-roo. But Congress and the President pushed back the deadline to June 12 to give consumers a break. Wait, there's more ...

Not all stations will wait until June 12 to end their analog broadcasts. The Federal Communications Commission reported yesterday that 421 TV stations still plan to terminate analog broadcasts today, bringing the total number of full-power stations that have switched over to 36 percent. Here's an Excel sheet that lists those going all-digital.

If you have an analog TV and want to know what you need do to get prepared, be sure to check out the DTV Web site. There's still time to apply for a coupon to help reduce the cost of a digital TV converter. Those coupons (actually plastic cards) expire within 90 days of the date they are mailed and may take a while to get to you, so don't wait to shop. If you have an extra on hand, the City of Seattle would like to provide it to others; call their folks at 206-386-1989. Or check with your own community to see if someone is gathering extra coupons.


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