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At the end of today’s Backpage.com news conference, Attorney General Rob McKenna spoke about the civil antitrust lawsuit filed by the US Department of Justice to block AT&T Inc.’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA Inc.

Attorneys General have worked closely with DOJ and share their concerns. Specifically for Washington,

  • There will be a very high market concentration in the Seattle and Tacoma Cell Marketing Areas. This is because T-Mobile is a strong competitor here.
  • We are concerned about losing T-Mobile as an innovative competitor. T-Mobile was the first to use the Android system on its phones, it has offered unlimited pricing and is in other ways a strong competitor.
  • We are concerned about losing T-Mobile’s higher customer service levels. AT&T does not have the best reputation for customer service and is not located in our area.

We will continue our investigation and will continue to coordinate with our state colleagues and DOJ. We expect to be involved in any conversations with the parties about any possible resolution, or barring that expect to be working with DOJ to prepare for trial.

Listen to AG McKenna’s remarks about the AT&T T-Mobile merger


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