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Traditional phishing scams have taken many consumers hook, line and sinker. But even those who are sure they can sniff out the bait may fall prey to spear-phishers.

One tech company told KOMO TV that its seen a 12 percent increase in overall phishing scams in the past few months. More from KOMO's report:

Investigators say massive security breaches back in April will only make it worse. Sony now confirms that hackers stole personal data from more than 24 and a half million PlayStation accounts last month. Weeks before that, a security breach at retail marketing firm Epsilon exposed the email accounts of millions of customers from major retailers and banks.

The state attorney general's office urges consumers to be on the look out.

"That means that, instead of getting an email from Wells Fargo when you don't have a Wells Fargo account, you're going to get an email from a business that you do do business with, and it's going to have your name on it," said Assistant Attorney General Jake Bernstein.



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