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The worst economic downturn in generations has created a perfect storm of financial shocks: evaporating investments, foreclosures and job losses. To add insult to injury, a new generation of thieves increasingly targets the dwindling bank balances of struggling Washington residents. 

“As if people weren’t suffering enough from a bad economy, scammers are picking the pockets of the unemployed and others who absolutely can’t afford to lose more money,” Attorney General Rob McKenna said in today's consumer alert.

Among the threats: Bogus employers who steal your cash and personal information, empty promises to save your homeworthless grant application assistance and expensive debt relief programs that leave you in worse financial shape.

“This isn’t the time to let emotions drive your decisions,” McKenna warned. “Chasing a false ray of hope can drop you into a black hole. There are real experts who can lend a guiding hand – and their assistance is free.”

We've created a Recession Survival guide at www.atg.wa.gov/economy.aspx to help you avoid schemes and access legitimate resources.


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