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The Emergency Management Division of the Washington Military Department warns you not to fall prey to the latest 9-1-1 scam. According to EMD:

Residents of Washington, Michigan, Pennsylvania and other states have reported receiving calls from someone requesting money for 9-1-1 services. The caller claims that residents must pay a fee to register their house in a 9-1-1 database so first responders can locate the home in an emergency. The caller also requests names and medical information from the residents.

This is a scam. 9-1-1 services are funded through dedicated 9-1-1 excise taxes on telephone bills and by other local government funds.

Any request for 9-1-1 funds over the phone is a fraud. Residents who receive these calls should hang up and report the suspicious call to their local police or sheriff’s non-emergency phone number. 

Thank you for the timely warning.

--Janelle Guthrie--


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