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It’s tradition in our Consumer Protection Division to celebrate employee birthdays with cards signed by everyone in the office. While it’s nice to receive a greeting crammed with handwritten notes such as “Enjoy your special day!”, it’s also become something of a nuisance to be on the receiving end of a pile of cards to sign.

“Tag! You’re it!” is the usual quip as envelopes are passed along from office to cubicle.birthday

Sometimes I’m lazy and just scribble the standard “Happy B-day!” Other times, I scratch my head to come up with a bon mot.

Two cards came around this afternoon. The first was earmarked for Andrew, a complaint analyst in our Consumer Resource Center who is also a gifted comics artist. It features a painting of some orcas.

I wrote, “Something tells me you could have designed a more creative card! Happy birthday to my favorite X-Man!”

The second was bright pink with stars and a proclamation: “Let all your wishes Sparkle.” It’s destined for Jennifer, a relatively new paralegal. I don’t know her well, so I opted for a cheesy fallback, “Whoo-hoo! Let’s wear our party hats!”

A note on my calendar reminded me that today is All Consuming’s 4th birthday. Will you be so kind as to sign our virtual card by leaving a comment?




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