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Sarah_LaneHello All Consuming blog readers. I am your new Blog Moderator, Sarah Lane. As you know, Kristin Alexander has left the office to pursue her theatrical dreams. So, I will be taking over as the main contributor to the blog and the comment reviewer.

Don’t worry; you are in good hands (although these hands definitely don’t write puns as well as Kristin). I am the New Media Director here at the Attorney General’s Office, where I manage the office’s website, Intranet and social media sites (facebooktwitter and YouTube).

My first order of business as the new blog moderator was to clean out the back log of comments that was created by a flaw in our software. Thankfully, last week the wonderful AGO IT staff created an application that makes reviewing and approving comments quick and easy. The new application allows me to see all the comments at one time even if they were connected to a blog post from years ago. The old system required you to scroll through every post ever created to see if any comments had been contributed, this made it difficult to find recent comments submitted on old posts.

Armed with this helpful new tool, I was able to review all the outstanding blog comments. We are now starting fresh. So, if you are the spammer whose comments are gibberish or advertise a service, product or business, please stop. For those of you who have contributed meaningful comments and thoughtful questions, thank you. I hope you continue to engage with the Attorney General’s Office and the consumer protection community here. If you aren’t sure which group you belong to, take a moment to read our comment policy.

I am happy to be your new blog moderator. I look forward to sharing information to make you a wiser consumer, help you know your legal rights, and give you the heads-up on new scams.


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