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We settled a case last week concerning the refund and cancellation policies of Titleist Meats, which sells meat products door to door in Washington. Under the agreement, Titleist agreed to provide buyers with all government-required notices, receipts and other documentation. Salespeople must also inform buyers of their refund rights.

A federal law provides a refund period of three business days on door-to-door sales of more than $25. The law also applies to many sales made away from the seller’s usual place of business, including home shows, expos and seminars. A state law gives you three business days to cancel a contract made with a door-to-door salesman or a phone solicitor in which payments are made in installments. Common examples are vacuum cleaners and magazine subscriptions.

Washington consumers also have refund rights in a few other specific cases. But contrary to popular belief, most contracts can’t be cancelled after you've signed. So carefully consider your purchases.



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