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The Washington Bar Association's Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project will continue helping homeowners, thanks to a $1.1 million grant from the Attorney General's Office. Since the program began in June 2009, the WSBA, Northwest Justice Project and hundreds of volunteer lawyers have helped Washington families in crisis.

"Continuation and expansion of the program comes at a critical time for the people of Washington, as the foreclosure crisis in Washington continues to escalate," said WSBA President Steven Toole. "The threat of losing one’s home is frightening, and through the program, hundreds of homeowners have received free legal assistance from well-qualified and compassionate lawyers. In times of trouble, we are there to help, and I’m proud of my fellow lawyers in communities across the state."

Homeowners seeking help should call the state Homeownership Information Hotline at 1-877-894-4663 or visit www.homeownership.wa.gov. Additional resources can be found on our Web site at www.atg.wa.gov/foreclosure.aspx.

Programs to help improve the lives of mental health patients and those suffering from gastrointestinal diseases were also recently awarded grants by the Attorney General’s Office. The money was paid by defendants in consumer protection cases.

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