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Natural disasters, such as the devastating earthquake in Nepal, often result in many looking for ways to help those in need.

Unfortunately, they can also result in scammers trying to cash in on your generosity.

Our office partnered with the BBB and Secretary of State Kym Wyman to provide Washingtonians with tips to avoid being scammed by fake charities:


  • Steer clear of high-pressure demands. Take time to research charities and contact potential charities directly.
  • Use trustworthy charities. Be sure the charity is equipped and has the resources necessary to help with disaster relief.
  • Avoid cash donations. Never give personal information or money to a telephone or email solicitor.
  • Double-check. Watch for “pop-up” charities with unverifiable background and contact information.
  • Block social media pleas. Be wary of requests from fake victims or memorial social media accounts.


For more tips on giving wisely, check the Secretary of State’s website or call 1-800-332-4483. If you’ve been a victim of a charity scam, file a complaint here and report it to BBB.


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