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Bob Ferguson

May 21 2010
 Stadium High School group wins competition to present peer-based prevention programs GRAND MOUND – Teens from all over the state gathered at Great Wolf Lodge last week to share ideas about reducing drug and alcohol abuse, violence and other destructive behaviors. Among the PowerPoint slides, costumes, singing and role-playing, one theme came up again and again: Prescription drug abuse is a growing, yet hidden, threat to young people.
May 19 2010
 Videos, music deployed to fight drug and alcohol abuseGRAND MOUND – Teens from all over the state will compete to present the best peer-based programs to combat drug and alcohol abuse, violence and other destructive behaviors.
May 17 2010
 Producer of cystic fibrosis drug settles lawsuit over “off label marketing”OLYMPIA – The state’s recession-battered general fund will receive a $261,844 deposit thanks to the latest settlement with a drug manufacturer.
May 11 2010
 McKenna joins suit seeking millions owed to state’s Medicaid program OLYMPIA — Washington and 16 other states say the manufacturer of two drugs to fight acid reflux, heartburn and other stomach-related illnesses owes hundreds of millions of dollars to their Medicaid programs.
May 6 2010
 AstraZeneca accused of funding junkets for doctors, illegally marketing manic depression drug OLYMPIA – A drug manufacturer will pay Washington state nearly $10 million for improperly marketing Seroquel, a drug used to treat schizophrenia and manic depression.
Apr 9 2010
Washington Health Foundation, PhRMA and AG McKenna Announce New Anti-Abuse Effort Seattle — College students in Washington State identified misuse of prescription and over-the-counter medicines as one of the fastest growing problems on their campuses. A powerful new coalition of local, state and national organizations announced on Friday, April 9, 2010 at 12:30 p.m., an effort to address this challenge.alth Foundation, PhRMA and AG McKenna Announce New Anti-Abuse Effort  
Mar 23 2010
CHEHALIS — Like millions of latch-key kids, 10-year-old Marlin Fryberg had too much time on his hands.  The child of a single, working mom was left to fend for himself after school and during breaks. Many of the kids living in his Everett public housing complex were getting into trouble, skipping school and using drugs and alcohol.
Mar 17 2010
 OLYMPIA — Boys & Girls Clubs serve more than 159,000 kids every year in Washington state. However, there is only one club in Washington for Native American kids.
Mar 1 2010
Meets with fellow AGs about prescription drug threatWashington, D.C. – He knew something wasn’t right when he heard that actress Brittany Murphy died from “natural causes.”
Jan 7 2010
SEATTLE – While marketing a drug to lower cholesterol, attorneys general say pharmaceutical giants Abbott and Fournier fattened their wallets by clogging the pathway for cheaper generics to be sold.