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Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna will serve as Master of Ceremonies and welcoming speaker at the Opening Celebration of the Washington Prevention Summit from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. on Thursday night.
 Washington State Attorney General announces three drug company settlements  OLYMPIA – Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna announced $3.9 million worth of new settlements with drug companies today. The settlements involve the marketing of drugs in a way that runs afoul of Federal Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. Those marketing practices, government attorneys say, illegally extract money from Medicaid.
 Attorney General McKenna announces latest drug company settlement OLYMPIA – Washington will receive more than $3.2 million in its newest settlement with a drug manufacturer. Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna today announced an agreement with Forest Pharmaceuticals Inc., resolving claims by the federal government and several states regarding the illegal marketing of three drugs.
Nearly 100 sites in Washington sites join DEA’S nationwide effort  OLYMPIA — The abuse of prescription drugs inflicts a deadly toll in Washington state. Painkillers, such as Oxycontin and Vicodin soothe chronic pain and improve lives.  But such painkillers are increasingly abused by those who mix them with other drugs and alcohol or even crush and smoke them for a quick — and sometimes deadly — high.  Unused or expired painkillers left in medicine cabinets are contributing to the problem.
State Attorney General’s Office partners with Drug Enforcement Administration to promote prescription drug safety OLYMPIA — Prescription painkillers — often stolen and abused — are helping fuel an overdose epidemic in Washington state. Drug overdoses now kill more Washington residents than car accidents. Because of this epidemic, The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and other government, community, public health and law enforcement partners are working together to help the public safely dispose of expired or unused medications on Saturday, Sept. 25, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Washington state receives nearly $1.2 million from makers of Topamax OLYMPIA – Attorney General Rob McKenna announced today that Washington state has joined with other states in reaching an agreement with the manufacturer of a drug to treat epilepsy and migraines.
 OLYMPIA – A new law aimed at saving lives by encouraging people who witness drug overdoses to call 911 goes into effect Thursday. The “911 Good Samaritan” law provides immunity from drug possession charges to people who seek medical assistance in drug overdose situations.
 Stadium High School group wins competition to present peer-based prevention programs GRAND MOUND – Teens from all over the state gathered at Great Wolf Lodge last week to share ideas about reducing drug and alcohol abuse, violence and other destructive behaviors. Among the PowerPoint slides, costumes, singing and role-playing, one theme came up again and again: Prescription drug abuse is a growing, yet hidden, threat to young people.
 Videos, music deployed to fight drug and alcohol abuse GRAND MOUND – Teens from all over the state will compete to present the best peer-based programs to combat drug and alcohol abuse, violence and other destructive behaviors.
 Producer of cystic fibrosis drug settles lawsuit over “off label marketing” OLYMPIA – The state’s recession-battered general fund will receive a $261,844 deposit thanks to the latest settlement with a drug manufacturer.