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Bob Ferguson

Seattle -August 3, 1999 - Washington State Attorney General Christine Gregoire today filed action against Ultima Systems, Inc. of Bothell for continuing to violate a 1997 consent decree and simultaneously filed a new lawsuit against a related travel marketer, Vacation Marketing Systems, Inc. of Lynnwood.
Seattle - July 29, 1999 - State Attorney General Christine Gregoire today announced Washington will receive more than $1 million as part of a $42 million multi-state settlement with a pharmaceutical manufacturer that it claims suppressed important information about the effectiveness of its thyroid drug known as Synthroid.
OLYMPIA - Attorney General Christine Gregoire today warned Washington consumers to beware of "pyramid" schemes that promise participants they will get rich quick.
Olympia - July 9, 1999 - State Attorney General Christine Gregoire today announced the formation of a special task force to examine growing concerns over privacy issues related to businesses’ collecting, using and disseminating personal data about their customers.
Seattle - July 1, 1999- Washington Attorney General Christine Gregoire today announced that Sleep Country USA has agreed to stop using deceptive advertising, including a false claim that its prices are "the lowest ever in Sleep Country’s history."
SEATTLE -- A California company has been sued by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office for sending unsolicited faxes advertising herbal Viagra and get-rich schemes to government offices, in violation of federal and state laws.
SEATTLE - May 25, 1999- Attorney General Christine Gregoire said today a settlement of an antitrust lawsuit against Toys "R" Us and two toy manufacturers will provide more than $600,000 worth of toys to needy Washington families. Toy’s R Us, the nations largest toy retailer, and the manufacturers will donate more than $33 million in toys and pay $13 million to settle lawsuits filed by Washington and other states.
Olympia - May 24, 1999 - State Attorney General Christine Gregoire announced today that Washington state will receive an additional $100 million from the multi-state settlement between state attorneys general and the tobacco industry. The second and final allocation lifts Washington’s total award from the settlement’s Strategic Contribution Fund to $494.9 million, which is the highest amount in the nation.
SEATTLE -- Attorney General Christine Gregoire has filed a lawsuit against a Canadian telemarketer for allegedly violating state and federal laws by sending thousands of recorded sales pitches to Washington residents.
SEATTLE- April 20, 1999 -- Attorney General Christine Gregoire today announced lawsuits have been filed against three of the nation's sweepstakes promoters who allegedly use deceptive marketing tactics to convince people, especially the elderly, they are about to become millionaires.