Washington State

Office of the Attorney General

Attorney General

Bob Ferguson

AGO 1963 NO. 70 >

A city may not require an electricians supervisors' license for all electrical contracting firms doing business within the city since the state has preempted this licensing field and any such ordinance would conflict with state law.

AGO 1963 NO. 72 >

Section 574, 50 United States Code Annot. (Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act of 1940), exempts all nonresident military personnel stationed in Washington from the obligation of paying the motor vehicle excise tax required by chapter 199, Laws of 1963 (chapter 82.44 RCW) provided they pay all motor vehicle or excise taxes and fees required by the state of their residence or domicile.  However, nonresident servicemen who wish to license their vehicles in this state must pay the license fees and excise taxes prescribed by law.

AGLO 1974 NO. 90 >

RCW 46.20.440, which requires an additional examination and special license endorsement for operators of certain motor vehicles, does not apply to the drivers of minibuses, accommodating twelve to twenty passengers, which are operated by The Evergreen State College and used for various academically-related field trips.

AGLO 1973 NO. 91 >

Where a person who has been adjudged an habitual traffic offender under the Washington habitual traffic offenders act (chapter 46.65 RCW) is thereafter charged with driving a motor vehicle while his license is suspended or revoked, or with driving without a license, the court in which the charge is filed is to transfer the case to the court of record which made that adjudication.

AGLO 1974 NO. 93 >

RCW 43.24.085(b) does not allow out-of-state residents who are not over sixty-five years of age to pay only fifty percent of the standard license fee for their occupation or profession.

AGO 1966 NO. 98 >

(1) and (2).  Under the soldiers and sailors civil relief act as recently construed by the United States supreme court, nonresident military personnel stationed in Washington can either license their motor vehicles and house trailers in their home state or license such vehicles in Washington without having to pay the excise tax imposed upon residents of this state by chapter 82.44 RCW and chapter 82.50 RCW. (3) The department of motor vehicles may, upon receipt of a proper application and proof, make refunds to nonresident servicemen who have under a mistake of law paid the motor vehicle excise tax in licensing automobiles in this state, provided the claim for refund is made within a period of two years from the date of payment.

AGO 1966 NO. 100 >

A city or town may enact an ordinance requiring an insurance agent licensed by the state insurance commissioner to obtain a local license prior to soliciting door-to-door within its territorial limits.

AGO 1953 NO. 105 >

Questions and answers relative to licensing and payment or collection of motor vehicle excise tax or personal property tax upon trailers, including house trailers, as affected by section 5, chapter 252, Laws of 1953. (Overruling in part our opinions to the Tax Commission dated March 20, 1944 and October 13, 1949).

AGO 1960 NO. 108 >

The director of licenses may not prescribe visual acuity qualifications higher than those prescribed in RCW 46.20.050 as a condition precedent to the issuance of a motor vehicle operator's license.

AGO 1966 NO. 118 >

A court, in granting a deferred sentence for an offense which, under chapter 46.20 RCW constitutes mandatory grounds for the revocation or suspension of a driver's license, cannot permit the person to retain his driver's license during the period of the deferred sentence.