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SEATTLE – Vianna Engel was determined to hold on to her home. “If I lose my property, my elderly mother loses her home, too,” Engel this week explained to a staff member at the Attorney General’s Office. Her mom’s single-wide mobile home sits on Engel’s property in Rochester. “She took care of me and I’m not going to let this happen to her.”  
 State Attorney General warns borrowers to avoid mortgage-related scams SPOKANE –  Alexa Young always made her mortgage payments “on time, every time.” Yet, like millions of Americans, recent events conspired to put pressure on the Spokane single mom’s budget, making her monthly mortgage payment harder to meet. After two expensive surgeries and a reduction in the amount of incoming child support, Young found herself at the breaking point. Her mortgage payment was nearly half of her monthly income, leaving barely enough for necessities. She contacted her lender in an attempt to work out new loan terms.
State Attorney General warns borrowers to avoid mortgage-related scams UNIVERSITY PLACE –  About a year ago, Irene Failor was on a ladder repairing her roof. Looking down, she watched a man walk up and nail a foreclosure notice to her house. 
VANCOUVER – “I just started to accept that I was going to lose the house I raised my kids in – that I thought I’d spend my final years in,” Vancouver’s Jim Fleming explains.
State Attorney General warns borrowers to avoid mortgage-related scams
SEATTLE – The record $25 billion dollar national mortgage servicing settlement over alleged widespread mortgage fraud, negotiated by Attorney General Rob McKenna along with 48 state attorneys general and the federal government, is now finalized by court order.
SEATTLE – If history is any guide, scammers will surely try to take advantage of news of the largest consumer protection settlement in U.S. history.  
SEATTLE – Nearly a year of intense negotiations over mortgage servicing and foreclosure abuses has resulted in the largest consumer financial protection settlement in U.S. history. Thousands of Washington state homeowners stand to benefit who have already lost their homes or are struggling with mortgages larger than the value of their property.
Urges homeowners to use non-profit, approved housing counselors instead SEATTLE - Attorney General Rob McKenna today reminded homeowners needing assistance to avoid companies selling “foreclosure rescue,” “securitization audits” and other home loan modification schemes. 
SHORELINE – Proving once again its commitment to helping Washington homeowners avoid foreclosure, the Attorney General’s Office today provided an additional $550,000 to provide free housing counseling to distressed homeowners.