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Jun 7 2011
 OLYMPIA — The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta will hear oral arguments tomorrow in the multistate health care lawsuit suit filed last year. The suit now includes 26 plaintiff states, two individuals and the National Federation of Independent Business.
Mar 31 2011
OLYMPIA – Today, 11th Circuit Chief Judge Joel Fredrick Dubina agreed to proceed with an expedited schedule for hearing the health care reform challenge that is before that court.  A three-judge panel will hear oral arguments on Wednesday, June 8, at 9:30 a.m. in Atlanta.
Mar 3 2011
Senior US Judge Roger Vinson today in Florida clarified that his January 31 ruling—which declared the federal health care reform act unconstitutional—did in fact order the federal government to cease implementation of the Act. He added he would grant a stay of that decision if the federal government filed a notice of appeal within seven days and agreed to seek expedited review.
Jan 31 2011
Individual mandate unconstitutional OLYMPIA — A Florida judge today ruled that Congress exceeded its Constitutional authority in approving a new health care mandate requiring all US citizens to have or purchase health insurance or face a fine. The ruling overturns the entire law.
Jan 11 2011
The state’s political parties lost another battle against Washington’s popular Top 2 primary today, a loss state officials hopes will put an end to years of litigation.  US District Court Judge John Coughenour of the Western District of Washington at Seattle today ruled the Top 2 primary as implemented in partisan elections “is constitutional because the ballot and accompanying information eliminate the possibility of widespread confusion among the reasonable, well-informed electorate.”
Dec 13 2010
OLYMPIA — Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna issued the following statement today regarding the decision of a federal judge in Virginia that a portion of the federal health care law is unconstitutional.
Oct 14 2010
OLYMPIA — A multi-state lawsuit challenging portions of the federal health care reform legislation will move forward, a Florida Judge ruled today.
Sep 13 2010
 McKenna will hold short telephonic media availability OLYMPIA — The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) will make its second argument before a US District Court judge this week as it continues to fend off constitutional challenges to the nation’s new health care law.
Aug 6 2010
OLYMPIA – Elected officials from 20 states challenging portions of the federal health care bill today filed a response to the Department of Justice’s motion to dismiss their lawsuit, on the heels of a decision earlier this week by a Virginia judge to reject the federal government’s motion to dismiss that state’s health care lawsuit.
Jul 6 2010
Health care is an intensely personal issue, whether you have excellent health insurance coverage or whether you risk surviving without it. Predictably, the complex new federal health care reform stirs strong passions from both those who support the measure and those who oppose it — regardless of whether they've read the 2,400 page measure.