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Bob Ferguson

AGO 1989 NO. 11 > May 25 1989
PUBLIC RECORDS ‑- COUNTIES ‑- MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS ‑- MUNICIPAL BONDS  Where a county sells municipal bonds to an underwriter to finance a public works project, and subsequent sales of the bonds are made with the identities of the bondholders known only to a registrar appointed pursuant to RCW 43
AGO 1989 NO. 12 > Jun 27 1989
APPRENTICESHIPS ‑- STATE APPRENTICESHIP COUNCIL ‑- DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND INDUSTRIES ‑- ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES ACT  1.         The State Apprenticeship Council is an "agency" within the meaning of chapter 34.04 RCW and chapter 34.05 RCW, the old and new Administrative Procedures Acts.  2
AGO 1989 NO. 13 > Jul 18 1989
NEEDLE EXCHANGE PROGRAMS ‑- AIDS LEGISLATION ‑- CRIMES ‑- DRUG PARAPHERNALIA  1.         In light of RCW 69.50.412, which makes it a criminal violation to deliver drug paraphernalia, a regional AIDS service network established pursuant to RCW 70.24.400 may not lawfully authorize the distribution of
AGO 1989 NO. 14 > Jul 20 1989
STATE ‑- STATE TREASURER ‑- STATE INVESTMENT BOARD ‑- COMMISSIONER OF PUBLIC LANDS ‑- TRUSTS ‑- STATE TRUST MONEYS ‑- AUTHORITY TO INVEST PROCEEDS FROM SALE OR USE OF TRUST LANDS 1.         The State Treasurer may invest funds contained in the natural resources deposit fund established pursuant to
AGO 1989 NO. 15 > Jul 21 1989
COMPENSATION ‑- SCHOOL DISTRICTS ‑- TEACHERS ‑- INCENTIVE PAYMENTS              1.         In order to be lawful, "incentive payments" made to certificated school district personnel under the authority of RCW 28A.58.0951(4) must be related to some identifiable, measurable "incentive" defined in a
AGO 1989 NO. 16 > Aug 25 1989
ABORTIONS--CONSTITUTIONAL LAW--CRIMES--PHYSICIANS--PREGNANCY 1. RCW 9.02.010 is still unenforceable insofar as it purports, in conjunction with RCW 9.02.060 et seq., to prohibit abortions occurring more than four lunar months after conception but prior to viability. 2. Webster v. Reproductive
AGO 1989 NO. 17 > Sep 20 1989
SCHOOL DISTRICTS ‑- SCHOOL PROPERTY ‑- HEALTH CARE CLINICS              1.         School districts may lease surplus school district property to public or private entities on the condition that the leased property be used for an adolescent health care clinic, where the board of directors finds
AGO 1989 NO. 18 > Oct 6 1989
DIKING, DRAINAGE, AND FLOOD CONTROL ‑- DISTRICTS ‑- COUNTIES ‑- SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS 1.         Chapter 85.38 RCW authorizes "special assessments" which may be imposed only on property specially benefitted in accordance with article 7, section 9, of the Washington Constitution as interpreted in case
AGO 1989 NO. 19 > Oct 23 1989
FIREARMS ‑- LAW ENFORCEMENT ‑- STATE PATROL ‑- SHERIFF ‑- CITIES AND TOWNS ‑- AUCTION OF FIREARMS  In order to comply with the auction requirements of RCW 9.41.098, a law enforcement agency must conduct its initial auction of firearms within one year after accumulating ten "forfeited" firearms as
AGO 1989 NO. 20 > Oct 27 1989
CITIES ‑- FIREFIGHTERS ‑- POLICE ‑- CIVIL SERVICE Because of RCW 41.08.040 and RCW 41.12.040, the secretary/chief examiner of a civil service commission created under chapter 41.08 or chapter 41.12 RCW must be either an existing employee of the city or a city resident; these provisions were left